Paint Sealer for vehicles and trailers

An innovative paint sealant developed for vehicles and trailers. Thanks to the operation of the transparent paint sealant, tiny scratches are filled so that the surface gets smooth and brake dust, grease and dirt can easily be removed with water/does not attach. Therefore the shiny finish is much easier to maintain and clean. Besides, the coating is being protected against various elements such as dust, acid rain and sand. Thanks to the UV protection, the surface of the car is not dull, and the color fastness is preserved. With the application of this sealant, shampoo, cleaner, wax and all other cleaning and protective products are made superfluous.



• Wash a vehicle or trailer in a quick and easy way:
– It cleans quickly
– Ensures optimal protection (no film layer)
– Gives a perfect shine
• Vehicle or trailer stays clean longer; reduced adherence of dirt and drops
• Effective and suitable for normal and metallic paints
• Long-term protection and sealing of the surface
• Biodegradable; environmentally friendly