The Crown Chemicals

The Crown Chemicals, established in 2017 but with more then 30 years experience in cleaning and sealing techniques, is a white label manufacturer of different products within the Crown Chemicals series.

The Crown Chemicals is experienced in production, marketing and trading of high-end key chemicals. The company is specialized in white label production of in house developed key chemicals and products. Because of the increase of client specific requests to develop customized chemicals, The Crown Chemicals started to do their own research and development. The laboratory is specialized in research and development of surface treatment products with small particle technology for industrial use. This produces products that are tailored to the needs and challenges of customers.

In the past 30 years a diverse range of products and systems are developed for multiple applications on all kind of surfaces. Surfaces like steel, wood, concrete, ceramic, glass, façades, automotive and photo voltaic surfaces. With the existing key chemicals range and some finished products, The Crown Chemicals products maintain and increase the lifetime of existing assets.

The Crown Particles Sciences also conducts independent research and development on third party products and advises on the best choices in materials and assemblies. The Crown Chemicals also advises regarding the application, the functional and aesthetic result or for example regarding the legislation for a product.