The Crown Chemicals

The Crown Chemicals developes and manufactures, through own knowledge and skills, high-end key chemicals and is specialized in white-label production of in-house developed chemicals and products for maintenance of various surfaces. The Crown Chemicals also provides independent research for third party products.

The deliveryprogramme is characterized by product quality, product performance, durability, safety and health. As a knowledge and production partner of our customers we act on developments in the market and law and legislation.

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In the past 30 years a diverse range of products and systems are developed for multiple applications on all kind of surfaces. Surfaces like steel, wood, concrete, ceramic, glass, façades, automotive and photo voltaic surfaces. In sectors such as the automotive industry, hospitality industry and the onshore industry. With the existing range of key chemicals and finished products, there is being contributed to the preservation of the performance and the increase of the lifetime of existing surfaces and assets. Therefore the total life-cycle costs will be reduced.

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When it comes to the development of products with small particle technology The Crown Chemicals knows everything from raw materials, the possibilities and the applications. This program of customer requirements will be translated into the product or system with the right and optimum properties. The Crown Chemicals advises on the best choices in raw materials and compositions; we also inquire regarding application, functional and aesthetic result or for example the legislation for a product.

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